Mount Merino Manor is one of the original Hudson Valley Estates that was built in the 1870’s by Dr. Gustavus A. Sabine who was a physician and friend of the Hudson River artist Frederic Church.

After 10 years in the making, Dr. Sabine sold the house and land. It was since then, privately owned, until renovated and converted into a luxury Bed & Breakfast in 2003.

The city of Hudson, once a known for whaling, was a bustling and thriving port town along the Hudson River. It was one vote away from being the NY State Capitol and was a popular destination for merchants and travelers.

Hudson has seen its many ups and downs, yet over the last 30 years has been slowly shifting back to a thriving community and popular destination once again.

Surrounded by the rolling hills and farmlands of Columbia County, Mount Merino Manor offers the best of both worlds.
The shops, restaurants, arts and entertainment of a small city and the rural beauty of the countryside.