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Hudson in June 2015: Our Recommendations

Hudson, NY's iconic Warren Street heading east

Fresh summer rains have poured down on Hudson, and the rush of summer green has followed. Hudson is full over with the tumbling verdure of the summer months, crops bending heavy in the rising heat. Festivals, food, and summer sports fill every day. In Hudson, we champion the landscape eponymous with the first great American […]

Hudson in May, Our Recommendations

Olana State Historic Site, Frederick Church's estate, overlooking the Hudson River

With the lush garden green coming in full splendor, the full spread of the Hudson Valley becomes open to enjoyment. In Hudson, restaurants will be brimming with produce from local farms, bright flowers will grow in patches beneath the trees and the sounds of busier sidewalks and leaves rustling fill the air. As a person […]

The Hudson River School and The Hudson Valley – Cradle of American Art

From the earliest European explorers to the modern day, the natural splendor of the Hudson Valley has been a source of excitement and inspiration. Dutch settlers plying the wide lower bay of the Hudson River in 1614 were caught in thrall of the sheer sparkling beauty of the land, and the bounty of life flying […]

Culture and the Outdoors from Our Backyard? Indeed!

Today I’m sharing a not-so-well-kept secret. Everyone here at Mount Merino Manor loves the outdoors at Olana, the Persian style Victorian home of Hudson River School founder Frederick Edwin Church. The house sits on 250 acres, of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Hudson Valley, a real gem: there’s a lake, stately trees and […]

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