Hudson: A Romantic Destination in the Hudson Valley

romantic_hudsonNYThe gardens grow lush with flowers in the spring, and the night sky echoes with the sounds of crickets. At the same time, bars hum with music and conversation, and flickering lights against brick walls silhouette couples strolling down storied lanes. Hudson is a romantic place for lovers.

The magic begins on Warren Street, the main artery that defines the culture of this small, distinctive city. Couples stroll in and out of the spas, galleries and shops that line the street. Warren Street is perhaps best known for its antique shops. Centuries of design are on display, from the opulent 18th century chandeliers to mid-century modern furniture. The antique shops of Hudson are renowned for their taste and variety, and with over fifty of them in town, there is bound to be something to appeal to almost anyone. Hudson also boasts several modern design and houseware shops that would do any upscale city proud.

The natural landscape around Hudson is unrivaled in the Northeast and many say the Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The surrounding hills were called home by several of the greatest artists in American history, many of whom drew their inspiration from a magnificent landscape you can still enjoy today.

Art in Hudson

A five minute drive south of Hudson takes you to Olana, the Moorish-style manor designed and built by the painter Frederick Edwin Church, founder of the famed “Hudson River School” of landscape painters. Walk along stone walls cutting through fields of rhubarb and tall grass, and sit by the lake that curls around the edges of the grounds. The sights from the top of Olana are perhaps among the very few that have been immortalized in great works of art, and once you experience it for yourself, you’ll see why this is the case.

Across the river in Catskill is the Thomas Cole House, the home of another great Hudson River School painter.

Dining in Hudson

After Olana (which happens to be within walking distance to Mount Merino Manor) return to Hudson and enjoy a romantic dinner at one of its many world-class restaurants. Among the most renowned are Swoon Kitchenbar, a Zagat-rated eatery known for sourcing its food locally and presenting the results in exquisite fashion; DaBa, a local gem with upscale bistro cuisine as well as gourmet dining and a full bar serving inventive cocktails; and Ca’Mea, a family operated Italian restaurant and inn that serves great Italian food, good wine, and offers an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere .

Getting to Hudson

Hudson is easily accessible from New York City via a two-hour train ride aboard Amtrak. It can also be reached via the New York State Thruway (Exit 21) or via the beautiful Taconic State Parkway on the east side of the Hudson. The Albany airport is less than an hour away.

If you are looking for a unique, romantic getaway that combines natural beauty, art, antiques and big-city sophistication, Hudson is your destination!



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