5 Reasons Why a Bed and Breakfast Makes a Great Vacation

Victorian staircase leading to the second story of this Bed and Breakfast luxury inn in Hudson, NY.

If you’re thinking of a getaway–or even a staycation–and are looking at hotels, hold on. You may want to include “Bed and Breakfast” as a vacation option. Bed and Breakfast establishments are often very elegant historic homes that have been renovated and updated to have all the modern conveniences guests are accustomed to, while maintaining the old-world charm so many people love. The best offer truly world-class accommodation in unique settings entirely unlike the generic atmosphere of all but the finest hotels. Here are 5 reasons why B&Bs are more rewarding:


1-Vacation Value

You may find some hotels cheaper than some B&Bs but for the most part, the value is far better at a B&B. For the same amenities–a really nice room, a private bath, TV, internet, a common area (as opposed to a lobby) and a morning meal–the B&B is likely to cost less. And the local expertise, as well as general attention to detail, is far greater at a B&B.

2-What’s in a Name?

It’s called Bed. . .and Breakfast. That’s for a good reason. Say goodbye to the questionable danish and coffee in your lobby. Or the overpriced, not-so-good breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Most B&Bs specialize in delivering a homemade breakfast that soars above what you will find in a hotel. There’s always a range, but expect serious pancakes, excellent omelettes, real coffee; and typically, a very comfortable dining experience in a room that feels more like a home than a diner.


How many times has a good hotel wanted ten bucks or more for a day of WiFi? How many times have you found the “concierge” hawking overpriced tourist attractions? At a B&B you are far more likely to get everything included in the price. Typically, the B&B owner knows the area–because a B&B is not a chain. It’s locally sourced in every way, and that includes expertise. Often they will provide lots of detailed information about where to go and what to see–and what’s not worth it. Go the the B&B for amenities you usually pay for–and a detailed, honest take on what’s great about where you’re visiting.

4-Get Away Without Going Away

While it might seem a little humdrum to stay at the motel next to your own Interstate exit, finding a cool B&B locally is entirely different thing. It’s almost a guarantee the B&B will not be like the last one you stayed at–and definitely not like the place by the Interstate. Knowing this, you can stay local (no travel time!) but see another side of your own region that you might have otherwise missed. Often, B&Bs offer local packages that include tours, events and meals that you’d not have thought to join on your own. And it could be all within just a few minutes of home.



No, those are not generic prints on the wall. B&Bs range from traditional-American to exotic, but they are all custom decorated and hardly look alike. You’ll find local decor–or atmospheric touches unique to that B&B. Often the imagination of the B&B owner is far greater than what’s afforded the hotel manager. The rooms are different from hotels–and different from each other. The grounds may be spectacular. Instead of a parking lot, you might find an enormous lawn and huge trees framing a view of the mountains. Instead of yet another club chair in an anonymous lounge, there might be wicker chairs on a lovely porch. The key is–they’re all very different. And they thrive on creating an atmosphere you’ll remember.

Hotels are great, especially if you’re visiting a big city (where there are also B&Bs, of course). But for value, comfort, variety, amenities and local expertise, hotels cannot beat B&Bs. Stay at a B&B and you’ll see why they have become so popular.

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