Hudson in January 2015 – Our Top 6 Recommendations

View of Catskill Mountains from Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole’s home.


Along the windswept and wintery Warren street, the eclectic stores and galleries and clubs and restaurants of this town are casting out the winters gloom with fine showings of artwork, theater productions, musical events, sumptuous meals, and the hearty surroundings of a small town bursting with life. For each month of the year, the unique cultural and culinary value of the town is on display in a different and exciting way.

Things to do in Hudson in January 2015

“Painted Cities” Group Exhibition

For painting landscapes awash in romance and dreaming, Hudson and it’s environs are well known. Though the town is at the heart of the great Hudson River School of Art, it’s heart also draws from the hypersonic rhythm of New York City. The Carrie Haddad gallery is showing a collection of painters who have taken the city, and urban life, and put them into the minds eye of the landscape painter. This will be one gallery opening we won’t be missing. For Details >

Indie Music

Club Helsinki, 405 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY
January, various artists

For an evening of revelry and romp in the town of Hudson, one need not often look much farther than the raucous confines of Club Helsinki. The patrons to the club are often split between the sumptuous and fine gourmet restaurant in the front, the wraparound, locally stocked bar in the middle, and the amphitheater seating nightclub in the back, draped in velvet and swooning with the music of the day. This January, Hudson’s favorite nightclub will be giving the stage to up and coming musical acts sure to delight. See Schedule >

Time and Space Limited (TSL)

434 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY

This mainstay of a Hudson will always be one of our favorite places to visit in town. As usual, the theater will be showing a wide range of interesting g movies, from documentaries about science in Antarctica, to avant-garde art pieces by award winning directors. See Schedule >

Vilma Mare Baltic Style: Queen of Serpents: Myth Interfaces Routine

McDaris Fine Art, 623 Warren Street, Hudson, NY
January 8-12

In collaboration with 2440 design studio, an exhibition of contemporary cultures juxtaposed and synthesized with mythical stories, and traditional scenes from Lithuania will be showing for a limited time at McDaris Fine Art. For Details >

Sunday Salons, Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Thomas Cole National Historic Site, 218 Spring Street, Catskill (The Salons are held next door to the Thomas Cole site at Temple Israel).
January 11, 2 pm

In collaboration with Olana, Frederick Edwin Church’s Historic Home, the Thomas Cole house will be putting on a series of salons with artists participating in up and coming gallery openings at the two historic sites. There will be lectures followed by receptions. See Details >

Intensity Ghost: Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band plus Slow Collins

The Half Moon, 48 South Front Street
January 11, 8 pm

One of the most lively and hip ways to round out a stay in balmy old January Hudson is a swing down to the Half Moon Bar by the train station. The bar is always twisting with the sweet twang of blues and Indy music, and the atmosphere calls up just the right amount of sweet satisfaction. This January, check out the great music on tour at this humble stage.

For each moment spent in a big city, or for each glance at a horizon devoid of civilization, the pros can often outweighs the cons, but for each of those moments, for each tick of the clock, there is a yearning for a place of solace and comfort. A world apart, separate, and filled with the joys of life, resplendent with the carefree laughter of a people at ease and basking in plenty underneath a glowing moon and around the warmth of a happy home. For Hudson, we can only say this, that for those of us who live here, having traveled far in many cases, and in others having never left, it is just that. A place among the willows, hidden, serene, and full of the stuff of dreams.

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