Three Great Hikes Near Hudson, NY

Three Great Hikes Near Hudson, NY – Bed and Breakfast
Three Great Hikes Near Hudson, NY – Bed and Breakfast
Kaaterskill Falls, NY


There are plenty of great hikes near Hudson, NY. We’ve compiled our list of three favorites.

The Hudson Valley has always been known for its natural splendor. From the earliest Dutch explorers through to modern day trekkers, the Catskill mountains, the Hudson River, the great woods and the fruited fields have captured imaginations. Located deep in the heart of the region, within easy distance of both ends and both sides of the river valley, the town of Hudson is perfectly situated for anyone seeking to explore nature in the Hudson Valley. With the fantastic and underrated Catskill park very close by, and a seemingly never ending supply of small parks along the river that encompass waterfalls and scenic lakes, there’s no need to travel far from the front porch of Mount Merino Manor to discover nature at its most awe inspiring, especially in the Fall.

Here are 3 of our favorite hikes near Hudson and Mount Merino Manor:

1: The Greenport Conservation Area (Lorenz Park, NY)

This county park is the closest park to the City of Hudson, bordering the northern city limits along the river. The Greenport Conservation Area boasts of many different hikes, all well marked, and laced with various stopping points for weary travelers, or those who simply wish to enjoy a cool breeze on a warm day overlooking a broad sweep of the Catskill Mountains. For relaxation, magnificent scenery, and ease of access, the Conservation Area is the best local destination. Driving Time from the Manor: 11 Minutes

2: Kaaterskill Falls (Hunter, NY)

Situated within Catskill park, Route 23A rolls directly past the trail head for Kaaterskill Falls. The approach along Route 23A is marked by epic mountain valleys, crags, rushing streams, and hairpin cliff-side turns as it ambles up into the Catskills. For centuries now, Kaaterskill falls has been known as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in New York. Boulders along the trail are marked with the engravings of hikers in decades and centuries past. The hike itself is very easy and short, and the payoff is huge, especially when the stream is gushing from a spring thaw. The falls are two-tiered and very tall. Onlookers are shrouded in mist at the bottom, and more adventurous types climb to the collecting pool between the two tiers, and lounge in placid isolation amidst crystal blue waters, wild flowers, and an uninhibited vista of the Catskill Mountain range. Driving Time from the Manor: 26 Minutes

3: Lake Taghkanic State Park (Ancram, NY)

For a fun and relaxing state park experience without too much crowding and with plenty of options, Lake Taghkanic State park is perfect local option. Within the park is the gorgeous Lake Taghkanic, and many fantastic foot and bike trails through hills, fields and wooded areas. Fine public beaches line one long edge of the lake, where boats can be rented for jaunts out on the cool blue waters. Picnic tables line the shore, and in the winter, the park hosts ice-skating and ice fishing, and rangers keep up cross-country skiing trails. Driving Time from the Manor: 18 Minutes.

While these are some of the most spectacular trails and hiking areas within a few miles of Mount Merino Manor, there are may more small trails, public lands, and hikes with varying degrees of difficulty available for explorers. The region is replete with some of the best rock climbing, camping, and sweeping natural wonders available in the United States. Some would say the Hudson Valley should be considered the de-facto 60th National Park of the United States, and we agree!













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