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Mount Merino Manor Wine and Spirits GuideHudson, NY is a well known hub for antiques surrounded by farmlands, apple orchards and beautiful hiking trails. But there’s been a slow transformation that’s attracting global attention. Hudson now boasts of gourmet restaurants, the best nightlife north of New York City, a progressive cultural scene and artists community that’s giving the city its own unique feel.

Renovations across the city have revamped colonial and early industrial age buildings into top recording studios, galleries, and spas. While the city itself is racing through a renaissance, the surrounding hills have also been feeling what’s happening in Hudson. Beautiful country roads are now also home to vineyards and artisan distilleries.

In Columbia County, passionate vineyard and distillery owners are producing their wines and spirits using techniques and philosophies deeply rooted in the history of the Valley and the idiosyncrasies of the land.

We’ve created a guide to these wineries and distilleries. Click on the button below to download your copy and start designing your own tour!   



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